A Handy Kochi Travel Guide – Explore this Summer Holidays at Kochi

A Handy Kochi Travel Guide – Explore this Summer Holidays at Kochi

Kochi is a tantalizing tourist destination and is a must see at least once in your lifetime. This splendid city is a major port city of India and boasts of the mighty Arabian Sea as its water body. Situated on the south-west coast of India.  Kochi, the city is the financial, commercial and industrial capital of India. This cosmopolitan city has Upmarket-stores, Art galleries and some of the finest heritage accommodations. Main attraction of this town is beaches, temples, Palaces etc…


Best Time to Visit

The month between October and March are perfect time to visit in the Kochi “Queen of Arabian Sea”. At these times the weather will be pleasant. The monsoon month between July and August are ideal for those seeking a quiet holiday in the god’s own country.



The typical summer temperature is 24◦c to 37◦c, while the average winter temperature level is from 17◦c to 33◦c.


Best Things to Do in Kochi

  • Beaches

Kerala, known for its palm-lined beaches and backwaters, a network of canals, inland are the Western Ghats, mountains with lush green tea gardens, coffee and spice plantations as well as wildlife. Here some of the best beaches in Kochi are,


  • Cherai Beach

Flaunted as one of the excellent beaches in the state, Cherai Beach is just 30km from heart of Kochi. It’s situated on the north side of Vypin Island; scenic beauty of Cherai Beach is a perfect blend of the sea and the backwaters. This beach is beautified by dotted with seashells of several shapes and hues.


  • Fort Kochi Beach

This  serene beach offering scenic view and natural beauty to its visitors. Also with its pristine water and tranquil ambience, Fort Kochi beach is extremely admired by tourists and local people as well. When you are alone or with your loved ones, this beach offers a soothing atmosphere to relax and chill out. 


  • Museums

Kochi has aplenty of museums making it every art and history lover’s ultimate paradise.


  • Kerala Folklore Museum

It’s a cultural hub to encourage and preserve the culture and heritage of South India. It is created in Kerala style, includes over 4000 artefacts and covers there architectural styles like Malabar on the ground floor, Kochi on the first floor, and Travancore on second floor.


  • Hill Palace Museum

It’s a largest archaeological museum in the God’s Own Country located in the city of Kochi.It was built in the year 1865; this massive palace is situated on a hill and has an awesome garden in front of the palace. This palace consists of 49 buildings in the traditional archaeological style, spreading across in 54 acres.


  • Indo-Portuguese Museum

This historical centre was built up by the endeavours of the late Dr.Joseph Kureethra, Bishop of Kochi, in an offer to secure and feature the rich social legacy and Portuguese impact. This exhibition hall now grandstands the Portuguese impacts on Fort Kochi and encompassing territories, particularly the western parts of Kochi.


  • Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum in Kochi is India's tribute to the radiant past of its lofty Navy. Here we get a look at the imposing adventures, beginning and dealings of one of the best 10 maritime powers on the planet today. Situated on the INS Dronacharya, the history and development of our maritime powers are on full show here.


  • Mattancheri Palace

It’s a Portuguese Palace commonly known as Dutch Palace, located in Mattancherry. It was a generous gift presented to the Raja of Kochi. The magnetisms of this palace are Hindu Murals, Depicting scenes from the Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Puranic myths in elaborate details.


  • Delicious Food Recipes

There could be no better option better than a traveller being a foodie too… And if you are traveling to Kerala what more could you ask. The recipes of Kerala food are superbly Delicious and it would be something that your taste bud cannot resist. You have so much to explore, see, eat and drink if you are much inclined towards the love for travelling and eating.



  • Where to Stay??

Confusing about where to stay?? Have you any idea about Best Hotels in Ernakulam?? When you wanting to occasion in Kerala, at first you should think about stay?? Here we list out some of the cheapest hotels in Kochi.



  • Sherlys Casa Grande Homestay

It’s a luxury premium homestay in the heart of Kochi, it assure you ultimate deluxe room with all modern facilities. It makes you feel like your home. It is one of the Best Homestay in Kerala; provide all traditional amenities for guests with lowest price.

  • Broad Bean

Luxury Hotel in Kochi, provide magnificent services for guests.


  • Crown Plaza

This hotel offers luxury business hotels with amazing services located in Marad, Kochi.

  • Travancore Hotel

Luxury & Comfort Hotel in Kochi, offers traditional facilities for customers.



  • Where to Eat??

The home-grown Kochi food is portrayed by a plenitude of coconut and flavours rendering a particular savour to the dishes. Here we list out some of the eateries in Kochi,

Dine at:


Famous for its traditional Kerala dish combos, Especially “Puttu”



Kayee's biriyani is famous for its unique taste 



Casual cafe & gallery space serving sandwiches, soups, Salads and cakes in a relaxed atmosphere with a patio.


  • Where to Shopping??

Shopping in Kochi is an energizing background, insofar as you're set up to tramp around everywhere. The shopping centres and boutiques where you can purchase in vogue garments and planner marked extras and merchandise is generally get from Kochi.


 Main Shopping Spots in Kochi;

  • Broad Way
  • Jew Market
  • Thevara Super Market
  • Reliance Super Market
  • Central Square Mall
  • ABAD Nucleus Mall
  • Gold Souk Mall
  • Oberon Mall
  • LULU Mall



Explore your summer holidays at gorgeous land of God!!